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Acquiring Land At Logical Areas

We are a huge landholder of practically 2,500 Acres of land. We are also planning 3 sites on three different highways of hyderabad. Kisaan Parivar acquired land in very logical areas where all the facilities were available at our comfort. When it comes to agricultural land, water plays a vital role. Kisan Parivaar's land has three major water projects nearby it.
Krishna river, Sarala Sagar dam, and Palamuru lift irrigation water facilities are very near less than 25 kms from our lands. It proves the lands are safe from droughts as there is no shortage of water in our area.
On a good note, Our lands are passing by the highway. The Railway lane is just 25 kms away from our area, so it is comfortable for transportation processes.
We have a 400kv substation under 3kms far away from Kisaan Parivar agriculture land for electrical supply. Electricity has vital importance in the agricultural sector for water irrigation and other approaches.
The 500 Acres will be the value addition for processing the produced goods with new global technology. This vast area is reserved for rice mills, oil mills, dal mills, rawa and flour mills, and the packaging industry.

Giving Chance To Investors To Be Part Of It

Our model helps the farmers from 12750 villages of Telangana, which dramatically impacts India's future agriculture and economic sector. So, we want every Indian to be part of our uprising project.

This is one of such models where it gives immense satisfaction and returns to the investors at a shot. Kisaan parivar came up with one such irresistible offer - click here to know more. Investing in land is the best investment one could suggest, only con here is returns are in long run. Whereas with Kisaan Parivar you can start enjoying the extra return from 6th month.

Getting Quality Food With Better Yield.

Kisaan Privaar’s organic farming has the capacity to produce high yield with healthy food. We follow all the measures to acquire the best quality of the crop.

  • We make sure our products do not have any leakage or quality issuesFrom the seed quality to the package quality, every small and small attribute is considered for quality.
  • Our experts have special knowledge on all the crop attributes, They will look after the crop to produce a high yield at high quality.
  • Some of the major parameters we prioritize to obtain the best crop quality are Soil attributes, Seed Quality, Manure impact, proper pest controlling methods, and other attributes.

Most crops are repeated for a year, but Kisaan parivar brings multiple harvests in a single year which makes it more efficient and significant.

Performing Highend Corporate Organic Farming.

We train our farmers in such a way that the quality and quantity of production is always high. All our producers are given the awareness about what we do. Kisaan Parivar not only thinks about the present but also plans for the future. Organic scientific studies are involved and practiced in all our procedures

Pack It And Sent To All Supermarkets And Local Stores.

All the products produced at Kisaan Parivar farms are sent to our manufacturing units. All the yield is packed perfectly.

  • We make sure our products do not have any leakage or quality issues.
  • We provided the best maintenance and service for our products with secure packaging and transported through our vehicles.
  • In the future, we are planning to bring our services online with utmost integrity and reliability.

We are directly sharing our end product to our normal people through our marts without any mediators association. It helps us to bring the product to you at a very less and affordable price. Parallel benefits farmers.

Export To Demand Countries

Most of the crops produced by Kisaan parivar’s organic farming are going for value addition. Our surplus crop is exported to different countries to make our value in the international market. Kisaan Parivar works hard for the best standards of the harvest to gain global attention and reputation.

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