Corporate Cultivation

Corporate Cultivation

For years, Traditional farming was mostly dependent on human resources yet not getting enough profits. Due to lesser income, most people are migrating to towns & cities for better earnings and lifestyle. For improvements in agriculture, corporate farming was introduced in the early '20s.

Corporate farming is the tradition of producing an extensive scale of crops by agriculture on farms owned by big businesses. This process includes the factors like seed distribution, fertilizers, machines, and chemicals used to deal with plant growth to adulthood.

Here are some dynamic reasons to choose Corporate Cultivation.

Elevated Capital

There is an increase in capital flow as the investors are involved in the process. Best investments bring out the best outcomes. Kisaan Parivar is raising the colossal capital required for this massive project by selling farm plots to the investors with a start range of 605 sq. yards. To be part of this wonderful model, The minimum investment amount is Rs. 12,46,300/- for 605 sq.yards. Our venture has 2000 acres of land which generates an elevated capital to produce high returns and quality outputs.

Farmer Earnings

Laborers get quality amounts at a very less time. Monthly wages to the farmers will create a job feel in them rather than heavy work. In this decade, every farmer in India would have a sustainable and satisfactory living by getting 5x profits from what they are making now. Meanwhile, this friendly practice boosts a million hectares of agriculture land’s ability and also improves the air quality index of the country.


In Corporate farming, high-end machinery are used to lessen the man power. Organic farming requires special equipment and methods to be able to maintain profitability at low investment with competitive costs in the marketplace.High technology machinery is perfect for plantation, weeding, fertilization, harvesting processing, and neat packaging.

High Yield

The best thing in corporate farming is obtaining a high yield at manageable investment. Customers can purchase yield at reasonable prices. This process will satisfy all of them - customers, farmers, and Investors.We have a massive organic farming model with high yield plans. Our Experts give the best awareness to all farmers about the steps of organic farming. Organic farming is a method that includes crop cultivation and rearing of animals in an organic way. This procedure entails using biological substances, preventing synthetic substances to keep soil fertility and environmental balance, consequently minimizing contamination and clogs.